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KM Australia 2015
The Discovery and Re-Discovery of Knowledge

Knowledge Management is making a resurgence in all areas. Organisations are realising that they must retain the knowledge not just from retiring baby boomers, but also from Gen Y and Millennials, who tend to move organisations with more frequency than past generations.

These factors brings a reinvention of Knowledge Management as new processes and strategies for collaboration and learning are developed using enhanced and adapted KM practices—giving organisations the opportunity to reap real benefits.

High performing organisations have realised the critical role of knowledge and collaboration in stimulating creativity and enhancing innovation and performance.

Innovation (Strategy and Discovery) – Agile KM  – Manage Change – Collaboration & Learning – Embedding KM – Creating Value, Measuring and Gaining Buy-In – KM Culture – Gamification in KM – The Barriers of KM - Program-Base Knowledge Management


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