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Cory Banks Article for IDM - May 2014

Released Interviews with KM Australia Speakers 2013

Manufacturing a KM community within Alcoa
James Grey, Best Practice Transfer Specialist, Alcoa World Alumina

An interview with Simon Cheng from Ernst & Young, by Aprill Allen, Knowledge Bird, Dev Logic

Relevant Recent Reports

Unlocking Value: KM as a Strategic Management Tool
Author: Multiple expert contributors
Year published: 2014
Format: Hardcopy
Price: A$ 395 + GST
This report illustrates that KM, when leveraged effectively, is a powerful management tool with the ability to add value across businesses processes, and which can both impact and drive an organisation’s strategy.

Knowledge Retention: Protecting Corporate Memory
Author: Multiple expert contributors
Year published: 2014
Format: Hardcopy
Price: A$ 395 + GST
Find out how to implement best practice with Knowledge Retention: Protecting Corporate Memory, a multi-contributor report featuring authors from around the world sharing their experiences and perspectives

Establishing a Successful Knowledge-Driven Culture
Authors: Multiple
Year Published: 2013
Pages: 124
Price: A$ 495 + GST (plus $15 p&h)
This collection of expert insights and case studies will provide a framework for considering how knowledge management can be developed beyond a simple process or system to become part of the mindset of an engaged and collaborative workforce, and an integral part of the way business is done more effectively within a company



Some KM 2013 Survey Take Aways

64% of organisations rate Knowledge Management as an important issue – 23% very/extremely important

In terms of the development cycle 53% report that they are only in the process of developing content control and management processes and strategies – only 5% have fully developed control, management processes and strategies and fully developed processes and strategies that capitalises on the use of information for business decisions

Main key benefit of KM – improving business operational efficiency (28%), allowing greater access to information across the business (27%), encourage better collaboration between employees (15%)

Only 10% of organisations have a formal KM strategy implemented across the business – 44% are just starting out to develop a strategy

Records management (45%), research & development (34%) and IT (30%) are identified as the main areas of the business that will generate the largest increases in information in the next 12 months

Main KM technologies implemented include

o Email management – 56%

o Document management for check-in/checkout, version control, security and library services – 54%

o Web content management – 45%

Main technology providers currently using:

o Microsoft – 64%

o SAP – 21%

o Oracle – 19%


An interview with Signe Lønholdt, Online Community Editor for LEGO
by April Allen, 26 June 2012


As a Online Community Editor at the LEGO® Group my biggest task is to engage with our Adult Fans Of LEGO (so-called AFOLs) primarily for The LEGO Group owned social media channel Rebrick.com. Beside Engagement I also spend time as an Intrepreneur (internal entrepreneur) on the platform, turning the ideas and feature requests from our Sounding Board of AFOLS into actual concepts and features on the live site.

The reason my title is Community Editor (and not the more common used Community Manager) is that we work with a group of people, that are very well educated adults and they pretty much know how to manage themselves


An interview with Felicity McNish
by Aprill Allen, 22 June 2012


Last year, Australian firm Woods Bagot won the Asian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award from a shortlist on which they were the only architectural practice. According to this article from Architecture & Design magazine, Woods Bagot commit two percent of their business revenue to research and knowledge management; and much of that material is made accessible to anyone around the world.


An interview with Chandni Kapur, Rio Tinto
by Aprill Allen, 20 June 2012




Reviews from past KM Australia's

“I have a number of good points I can take back with me for my self and indeed for some others in the company.”
Alan M Thompson, Global Knowledge Manager,Wood Group PSN,Scotland

“A HUGE thanks for everything ... I have had a great time ... it was a great conference ... congratulations ...”
David Gurteen, Gurteen Knowledge, Fleet, United Kingdom

Read David's Full Review of KM Australia 2011

“Many thanks! It was definitely worth travelling from South Africa for this event!”
Deonie Botha, AngloAmerican, South Africa

“I wanted to say what an invigorating conference you ran this week. It was well thought through and connected a room of like minds. Not to mention the team running the show were impeccable.

I look look forward to what next you have to offer the KM community.”
Katherine Boiciuc, Telstra

“I attended this year's KM conference for the first time, and for the most part it was the most relevant and worthwhile conference I've ever attended.”
CherylPeick, Knowledge Manager, NSW Trustee & Guardian

“Great event!."
Peta Moore, ASIC

“Really enjoyed the event as a first timer. Thank You very much”
SP Ausnet

“The congress is rich in information. I appreciate the interaction, the speakers and the participants. Congratulations!"
Asian Development Bank

“An extremely worhtwhile event, including the greatrisk of theoretical vs practical issues. A stimulating, inspiring three days.”
Australia Post






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