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The Second Time In Australia

It's About Engagement

Gamification Sydney 2016
25-27 October 2016, Sydney Rydges Central
* Tools and Techniques
* Creating Value and Gaining Buy-In for Gamification
* Engagement through Gamification
* The “Do’s” and Don’ts” of Gamification

Take part and learn from some of the world’s leading experts, thinkers, practitioners and doers in Gamification Today.
Marigo Raftopoulas, Strategic Labs
Stephen E. Dinehart IV., Colorverse™
Consumer Affairs Victoria
Deakin University
Department of Family and Community Services
(Former Manager Sector Learning)

Presented in association with Knowledge Management Australia
An Essential Forum for All Organisations

Utilising Your Business Cultural Network for
Creating a Higher Performance Workplace

Sharing insights and learnings are:
BioCultural Consulting
Crackerjack Education
Consultant and Advisor on
Diversity and Social Inclusion
(Former Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights)
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
Sandfire Resources
Collaborative Systemic Change
Change Agents Worldwide

The Practical Library 2016 for Australia
23 August 2016, Novotel on Collins, Melbourne
$895 plus gst if you join early

The Content Safari: Sydney, Australia
21 & 22 September 2016, Novotel Sydney Central
A Two Day Exploration of Killer Content

Law Firms in Australia: Capitalising on New Opportunities through Social Media and Reducing Risk

The Social Media Toolkit for Australian Law
One-day case study led forum, with two post forum workshops
30-31 August 2016, Rydges Swanston, Melbourne
$1095 plus gst for the forum, if you book early

Don’t Be Afraid – It’s Time to Innovate and Look Forward
The Australian Public Sector: True Connections


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